Local information

It is a local introduction corner that is our workplace and a place of life.
I want to post information that I want to see, hear, and inform with my own eyes.
Please let us know your opinions and information.

Event poster

The poster was created by us

A treasure discovery and snack eating walk is held on a course of about 6km that connects Shinagawa Ward, Musashi Koyama Shopping Street to Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street, Nakanobu Shopping Street, Hatanodai Shopping Street. The highlight is a special snack eating and preferential service by about 80 partner shops.

Nakanobu Nebuta Festival

On the evening of September 16, the Nakanobu Nebuta Festival was held every two years.

Store introduction

This is a store introduction around the local area, Nakanobu Ebara.
I would like to introduce! I want to be introduced! I want to recommend! Please let us know your opinions.
First of all, we will introduce <neighbors> in the same building as our company.

店内の写真 「A salon that fulfills your desire for a sense of security and comfort as a healing space

Straightening hair with a natural and soft finish. Combining medicines and treatments tailored to the hair quality of each customer. We will correct curly hair. Please try a satisfactory finish once. We look forward to your visit.