One piece of printed matter for notification.

It ’s important to carefully select the information you ’d like to convey and effectively impress because of the limited space available.

Consider the situation that your opponent will receive, and choose the best image, paper layout, and catch phrase. The production schedule depends greatly on the preparation process until the manuscripts are ready.

Please consult without giving up even when there is no delivery date.

Leaflet / flyer design, production, printing costs, and flow from ordering to delivery.


Inquiries / Quotations


There are various ways to make it depending on the purpose and initial conditions. Although the flow of up to delivery is basically the same as in the case of the leaflet, such as the shooting and interviews, it is also often published elements is a wide variety, incorporate maximum customer's hope, created in collaboration.

Image images (photos and illustrations) that can be prepared by us are included in the proposed design fee. If you do not need to use a copywriter for catch-copying or text rewriting, we will work with you to squeeze your wisdom at no additional charge.

Expenses for the design, production, and printing of brochures such as company information, business information, and product catalogs.

Poster / Panel

Inquiries / Quotations


With a large format printer in the production room, you can finish everything from design production to printing. If it exceeds 10 sheets, the conventional offset printing is possible, and if it is up to 10 sheets, an inkjet printer is advantageous. Please consult us about processing of aluminum frames and other panels.

Poster design, production and printing costs and printing costs from customer data.

Flash video rewriting

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Adobe Flash, which can easily create moving content on the homepage, will end support in 2020.

Already in major browsers, you are first asked for confirmation when playing Flash movies. We provide a service to recreate the video created with AdobeFlash to HTML5, which is now the standard of the web, mainly using Adobe Animate. (It can also be placed in a page created with XHTML or HTML4 without problems.)

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