We provide the following three methods for sending and receiving data with customers. Of course, online storage services are also welcome. Please contact us for necessary information such as passwords for submission.


A simple uploader. It is just a function to send a file. When using, please be sure to inform us of the file name by other means.

A password is required for use. Please contact us.


You can send data of 100MB or less.

Since the end of support in 2020 is near, it is a specification to check usage, but it can be used without problems.

If you have Flash Player installed, you can use it from any Windows Mac, and you can attach a message by email at the same time as uploading.

You can use Japanese for the file name.
Available files are ai, psd, eps, jpg, jpeg, gif, zip, lzh, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx.


You can send over 100MB of data.
FTP software is required. There are many free and shareware software such as FFFTP and Fetch. If you have not used it before, download it from the site. There is no limit on the file size.


Without having to install the software, you can use the basic functions of the OS.

Since it can be transferred by mouse operation between folders, it feels like operating in your computer.

For Windows, the download file size is limited to 50MB by default, but it can be removed relatively easily.